Employee Benefits

In the modern workplace enlightened leaders understand that when it comes to implementing sustainable improvement the real “experts” are the people who are doing the work day in day out. They recognize and understand that front line associates possess a wealth of tacit knowledge that is not captured in existing manuals or procedures.

This underpins something which we all intuitively know: engaging employees in continuous improvement can give organisations a competitive advantage and create a momentum for learning which keeps them ahead of their competitors.

Involvement in Continuous Improvement also presents employees with many opportunities and benefits including:

  • Learning and applying lean manufacturing tools and systems to their own environment.
  • The opportunity to showcase their knowledge and talents.
  • To understand how their work contribute to the mission and goals of the organization.
  • To be part of a team tasked with developing innovative solutions to long-standing problems.
  • Involvement in designing and improving their own working environment.
  • To display their ambitions for opportunities which may arise in the future.