Lean Manufacturing / Operational Excellence Assessments

Peter Drucker’s famous saying goes “what gets measured, gets done” is
common because it is true. An assessment is not merely an audit of the
current status. It also suggests the desired position. It creates a
strong and dynamic “expected-to-improve” environment, and it indicates
where to go next..

Organisations that are serious about Lean Manufacturing and Operational Excellence use them for a number of very good reasons.

  1. They provide a base line of the current situation.
  2. They provide a gap analysis which highlights the strengths and areas for improvement within the organisation.
  3. They can be used as a roadmap and guide to create an improvement plan, specifically targeting those areas that the business itself indicates need improvement and that link directly to that business’ objectives and strategies.
  4. They can track an organisations progression by way of the gap analysis as they move further along their Lean Manufacturing / Operational Excellence journey.

In summary, an assessment provides focus for the improvement, garners attention and support from management, and creates a momentum for progress throughout the organisation.