Site Strategy Deployment Workshop Facilitation

The purpose of the two day workshop is to develop and implement a set of plans that are strategic, tactical, and co-ordinated across all people specific to the organization using the well-established Hoshin Kanri X Matrix Template for Lean Policy Deployment.

The X-Matrix ensures there is ownership and accountability at all levels. This approach to strategic planning also encourages organizational learning, faster course corrections, and cross departmental coordination.

The value of using this approach is that it allows organisations to plan for and manage major improvement in business and performance alongside normal day to-day business. This is achieved by:

  1. Top management focusing an organisation’s attention on the corporate direction by setting, annually, a vital few strategic priorities.
  2. Mid-level management developing tactics that will best achieve the strategic priorities.
  3. Supervisors and team leaders working out the operational details to implement the tactics as laid out by mid-level managers.
  4. Closing the information loop by tracking and reviewing progress against target on a regular basis, providing an opportunity for adjustment of strategy when required.

The workshop will involve the creation of a local vision for the organisation which all employees can embrace and aligned behind.  A SWOT exercise, where the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats will inform the setting of five to six stretch goals to be achieved over the next three to five years.